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Hello, my name is Silas Brown. Welcome to my site about dogs. I will share my knowledge about dog breeds and classes on this site. I want to talk about their different purposes, personalities and histories. There are so many dog breeds to choose from and it can be difficult to know the best one for you. On my site, you will learn about the way each breed behaves in and out of the house. I will talk about the different aspects of dog ownership that you will need to know for each breed as well. Please come by again soon to learn more.



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Three Reasons To Board A Cat Instead Of Hiring A Sitter

The majority of cats are independent and free-spirited. Their general behavior is that of a creature that needs no one. The reality is that they are just as needy as most dogs. They do not necessarily seek out their human's approval the way a dog does, but they rely on their people to provide them comfort by keeping to a regular schedule. Cats are very routine oriented and when changes occur they can become stressed. This may encourage their owners to keep them at home with a pet sitter rather than use a boarding facility. Here are a few reasons why that may not be the best option. 

Reduce the Boredom

Occasionally pet sitters stay in the home or apartment where the cat lives and keep them on schedule and entertained, but most people do not have access to this type of service. The typical sitter visits once or twice a day for as little as a few minutes or possibly an hour or two. This leaves the cat with a lot of extra time to fill. Anyone with a cat knows that a bored cat is often destructive or engages in risky behavior. It is safer for the pet to spend their time exploring the new sights and smells of a pet hotel instead of the opportunity to eat all of the houseplants, shred multiple rolls of toilet tissue and discover a way into the china cabinet. 

Prevent Any Injury

Cats sometimes do more than mess making when they entertain themselves at home. They can very easily injure themselves. Pet sitters that are not familiar with the animal's typical behavior may be unaware of the injury. This could cause a delay in medical treatment. At home, cats have much more space and options for getting into trouble. Many are also indoor/outdoor cats that may be left outside all night or during bad weather if the sitter is not on a schedule the cat recognizes. Boarding facilities keep them in a cat-safe area and have regular supervision so someone is always aware of what they are doing. 

Choose for Reliability

A professional pet resort or boarding facility has a strict schedule, established rules and trained staff members to keep the animals they care for safe and happy. The meals, playtime and bedtime are the same each day. This encourages cats to relax and feel more confident because they know they will have what they need. Pet sitters do not always have the same level of professionalism. Many people hire a neighbor or friend because they do not want a stranger in their home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opinion of what is adequate care for a cat. Individuals also do not always have the ability to keep to an exact schedule. They may provide all of the feeding, cleaning and checkups as promised but because they are wildly different each day it may fail to reassure the cat. 

Pet boarding facilities are very good today about providing comfortable shelter for cats with different types of personalities. Active cats can have rooms with lots of stimuli, exciting toys and windows for watching and sunning themselves. Nervous cats will be away from noises that may disturb them, have calmer settings and plenty of hiding spots to provide them with more comfort. Inspecting the kennel, ensuring the cat is updated on all vaccinations and bringing a few of their items with them is usually all that the owner must do to guarantee their pet a comfortable vacation.

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